Inventory Services


Inventory, Check In, Check Out & Mid-term Inspections

We offer Inventory reports for all types of rented properties. Compiling an unbiased, independent record of the condition of your property whenever you decide to rent it out. The report will be detailed and precise and accompanied by many photos to support the written content.

We will not only record the condition of your property and furnishings, but also collect and handover keys to the new tenants, take meter readings including the location of meters and where requested, go through any special instructions with tenants on site, such as showing them how the boiler works, cleaning products to use and when to put the bins out.

All our clerks are fully insured and offer a professional yet personable service to you and your tenants.


The inventory outlines not only what is in the property, but also condition of the property itself. Even if the property is unfurnished, you should have an inventory carried out as it will record the condition of the walls, curtains, carpets, bathroom, kitchen appliances, garden and the property as a whole. All items that can be expensive to replace without evidence they are damaged by the occupants.

It is essential that all rented properties should have an inventory which has been prepared by an independent inventory clerk. Our clerks will go through your property and note every detail. The reports will then be provided to both you and your tenant, at which point both parties will have 7 days to agree or provide additional comments to the report. The final draft will then be used at the end of the tenancy when the tenant checks out. 

If a dispute were to arise in relation to deposit deductions, a judge will not look favourably upon an inventory prepared by a landlord. An independent inventory report is key to ensuring a fair judgement is made over any damage liability.


We cover London, Surrey & Kent 

The cost of an Inventory, Check In or Check Out is  dependent on the size of the property.